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Re: Literary Treks

^ I would never say that a belief in a higher power cannot lead to bad things and a look at history proves that out. On the reverse a belief in no god or higher power has also lead to some of the worst things this planet has ever seen Russian gulags and German concentration camps. So I would put Locken in with those two examples. Beholden to nothing he is able to justify doing anything. On both sides there are extremes. I think this is the worst example and that is what I was trying to point out.

I just found your podcast (from this thread!) and have been working my way through all the old shows.

This is good. Really good.

I just finished the Una McCormack interview. Wow that was fantastic. Being a big DS9 fan myself (and a big Una McCormack fan more recently), I just found myself nodding along to the two of you, through the entire interview.

So, at the beginning of the podcast, one of you asked about John Harriman and were discussing whether or not the novel about him was any good.

Its called Serpents Among the Ruins, and its one of my favorite books. Go read it. I started off this book going "Yeah, right, Captain Harriman" but this book redeems him and then some, he's definitely a captain worthy of the Enterprise. It spans his entire career in Starfleet, pretty much.

It's sort of weird listening and being 6 months ahead of you in time. Especially when you're discussing the movie (which I just saw last week)! Good stuff though.
I am so glad you are enjoying the show! It really is a blast to talk about Trek Lit.
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