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The relationships of characters on the ships in Star Trek morph with generational attitudes to a great extent. TOS was made during a time when most Americans were somewhat familiar with the structure and culture of the military, due to a couple of generations of an armed forces based on conscription. That was less true for TNG, where characters behaved toward one another much more as if in a civilian workplace, and the same is true for the present day TOS-based reboot.
Good points. I'm cool with it as long as Kirk and company don't start sitting around conference tables "valuing" everyone's opinion before acting.

It just occurred to me, too. There's Spock and Uhura. A hint of a future for Kirk and Marcus. Hey, they gotta get McCoy a woman.

If we wanted to have the lonely, slightly emotionally bitter Kirk, bound and wed only to his Enterprise, then Marcus would be his Rand. Don't see that happening, though. This Enterprise has the potential to be either the Love Boat, or it recreates the Picard-Crusher (Kirk-Marcus), Riker-Troi (Spock-Uhura) relationships.
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