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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Starkers wrote: View Post
State of Decay, which is great despite the fact the vampires are a bit stagy at times. Quite dark and chilling in places though, and a rocket that ends up turning into a castle? Wonderful.
This was originally supposed to be done earlier, when Leela was the Companion. I don't recall why it didn't get made then, but I certainly enjoyed the version that was made.

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
the last DW we watched was The Chase- fun, occasionally embarrassing (terrible direction, bloopers, Peter Purves as Morton Dill - he's fine as Steven Taylor though, who joins as the new companion), but entertaining overall.


Still, was fun, and Ian and Barbara get a great leaving scene/montage.
Loved that last bit with Ian and Barbara. I like to think that they stayed together as a couple, or at least as Very Good Friends. Who else could possibly understand them and their undoubtedly different viewpoints after all the traveling they did and the things/people they saw? And they were missing for awhile... they'd need each other to come up with some sort of explanation.
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