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Anyway, what bugged me about "Earthshock" was how marginalized Nyssa was, just choosing to stay behind in the TARDIS for no good reason. The occasional scenes where they cut back to her and the scientist for a couple of lines before going back to the rest of the cast seemed totally pointless except as a way to remind us that Nyssa existed.

But then, they said in the preceding special that the reason for killing off Adric was their recognition that they had too many companions to serve them all well. I guess Nyssa's treatment here proves that point.
IIRC Nyssa was originally going to be written out towards the end of season 19 (ie, around Earthshock time) as well, as she was the companion script editor/Earthshock writer Eric Saward was least interested in, but Peter Davison thought she was the one who worked best with his Doctor (which I'd say is rather proved by Snakedance, where Nyssa is effectively sole companion, what with Tegan being possessed by the Mara) , so she was kept for another season (and Davison even argued for bringing her back to replace Tegan the year after that).
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