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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

46. Star Trek into Darkness: A-
47. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: B
48. The Heat: C+
49. Fast and Furious 6: A-
50. Hangover III: C-

Fast 6: Action worthy franchise that would be best appreciated on the big screen if you like action movies. The way it ended during the credits seems to indicate the events from this film and it's bad guy flow into Fast 7. It also says we are now doing a straight up sequel to Tokyo Drift...finally. So the viewing order of this franchise is: 1-2, 4-6,3,7(next summer)

Hangover 3: The actual plot premise of this film works imo, it's the execution of it that makes for a lackluster sequel to a lackluster sequel. Alan "off his meds" as an excuse to be a mean ass doesn't come off as funny imo. Lovable goof Alan is gone. Chang is overdone. When they have to write the script and have the characters telling us every 15 min how "crazy", "nuts" and "out of control" he is it's overkill. It also implies we the audiences don't know this already, as the Wolfpack should as well who make these statements as if it's a revelation. He kidnapped Doug, the crazy stuff in Bangkok...we know, he's nuts. Also don't buy the forced "romance" for Alan with current rising star Melissa McCarthy. The needless animal cruelty for laughs is also lost on me. Sad way to end the series, didn't think it would be worse than the rehash second film. It was.
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