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Re: Romulan origin question

Timo wrote: View Post
No, they progressed from "radio" transmission (Horizon) to "subspace" transmission, it's as simple as that.
Doesn't work even in the TOS context, where subspace transmission was available back in the old Romulan war.
I stand corrected, the treaty was established via sub-space radio which apparently was a new thing as ships like the Horizon still used conventional radio.

Timo wrote: View Post
Of course, the out-universe rationale for this is that TOS had piss-poor continuity. But there's no reason for the fans to add more of that drivel when the well-written spinoffs elegantly solve such problems by establishing further facts of the Trek universe.
How about you cut TOS some slack as it was the first defining the nature of the Star Trek universe and expectedly had some startup hickups.

There's plenty of TOS internal continuity but apparently it was easier to overwrite TOS continuity than to devote proper research to it.

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It is impossible to read into it that Romulans do not have warp drive, because they demonstrate warp drive in the very episode (their torpedo outruns the Enterprise).
According to this reasoning we must already have industrial nuclear fusion reactors and nuclear fusion engines for our spacecraft (tell NASA!) because we have nuclear fusion bombs...

Timo wrote: View Post
Trying to say that the line refers to the capabilities of the Romulan culture is taking guesswork to a ridiculous extreme.
I presume that if - at this time in TOS - they would have had warp drive, the praetor's "proudest and finest flagship" surely would have been equipped with one.

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