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But would they only recognize Nimoy, or would anyone in the distinctive pointed ears, bowl cut and uniform garner the same recognition? Just like a guy with a blue suit, red cape and \S/ on their chest is Superman?
Its the Spock that was created after 79 episodes of TOS and maybe TAS and maybe some movies. At that stage it was Nimoy Spock.
Well, this is often a generational thing. As I've mentioned before, I was appalled to discover, decades ago, that my youngest brother thought that Roger Moore was the "real" James Bond. I was horrified at first (everybody knew that Connery was the one true Bond), but then I realized it made perfect sense from his perspective. My brother, who was seventeen years younger than me, had grown up on Moore just like I had grown up on Connery.

Trust me on this, ten years from now there will be an entire generation for whom Pine and Quinto are the "real" Kirk and Spock. That's just the way it works.

Heck, not long ago, people were horrified at idea of Universal remaking the "classic" Brendan Fraser version of THE MUMMY, which was, of course, at least the third remake of the 1932 Karloff version.
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