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I'm not really a fanwank kind of guy, but I really wish they'd have figured out how to work in the "never lose you" line from The Naked Time when Kirk was saving the Enterprise.
"Never lose you, again," considering command had been taken away from him once at the start of the movie.

I don't think this Kirk is shaping up to be as lonely as Kirk Prime. At least not for now. The poignancy of that line in "The Naked Time" was the Enterprise was Kirk's life. The "family" idea of the big seven was never in TOS. The crew had aged about another 15 years before that idea took root in TSFS and culminated when Spock told Sarek, "They are my friends" in TVH.

When Kirk said, "Welcome to the family" to Carol at the end of STID, that was really the only time I kind of cringed. There's definitely a social vibe on that ship that didn't exist on Kirk Prime's Enterprise. Not that it's bad. It's just different. This Kirk may actually turn out to be more emotionally balanced than Kirk Prime was.
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