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Re: the ugliest enterprise

Ugliest for me is the -D. It looks like a squashed pleasure yacht spammed with windows. The -C comes in second, it just looks like an awkward, misproportioned mashup of the -A and the -D.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Unfortunately "Enterprise C" doesn't indicate whether its the original Ambassador Class designed by Andrew Probert (displayed by the wall sculpture of the conference lounge in TNG's first seasons) or the Ambassador Class designed by Rick Sternback and built by Greg Jein (the VFX model).

I presume the poll refers to the Enterprise-C VFX model, but given the uncertainty I used my vote for another IMHO not-so-great-looking design (since I absolutely adore Probert's take on the Enterprise-C).

It's obviously going to mean the one seen on-screen, the canon design. I doubt most fans are even aware there was a different early concept design or that Tobias Richter built a CG version of it.
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