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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Assuming that the order they have those pics in matches the arrangement on the desk, then the ringship was *before* the Phoenix. Considering that everything else was arranged chronologically, what does that mean for the history of warp flight? Perhaps the ringship was an earlier failed experiment? Or maybe not quite failed, just a stepping stone to actual FTL flight?
No I think it was post-Phoenix. An early Vulcan-like annular warp drive design, from what I read. Of course we don't have anything official on it.
Saw the movie again this past weekend. The ringship was just before the Phoenix. Personally, I'd still like to think of it as an important sub-warp stepping stone. Nothing really to contradict that from all its appearances.

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A repeated theme in this movie that seemed surprisingly consistent: it's a lot easier to beam someone DOWN than it is to beam them back again. Thinking back, this seems to be the case in the STXI as well: beaming Spock down to the surface is a pushbutton operation, but beaming him and the council back to the ship is "I have your signal. Don't move! Transport in five... four.. three... OH NOES!"
I think in this movie Chekov said something specifically along the lines of the receivers are damaged. But I guess the transporter transmitters were okay.

New question: This was a blink-and-you-miss-it thing, but where did they launch the captured ship from? It was way too quick (like 1/2 second), but it looked to me like it was a square shaped door/hatch along the side of the Enterprise somewhere, not the aft shuttlebay.

Also, where is the "aft warp nacelle", behind which is the life support systems that Khan refers to?
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