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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm starting to learn the game now. So many shiny clicables! So far the game seems fun. I'm really liking the Klingons. But I do find it a bit.. odd that the Romulans could possibly get allied with both the klingons and the feds.. Don't really care though! The Rommies seem fun as far as I've gotten.

Anyone got any tips, pointers that newbs might not know and should learn?
You will level up very quickly in STO. Really active players can reach max level (50) in a day or two. Casual players would take at most a week or two to reach level 50.

So don't spend any cash or even in-game credits on rare or expensive stuff while you're levelling up because you'll very quickly out-level them. Personally, I just buy a bunch of cheap common gear and sell them once I out-level them. This is especially true of the C-Store ships. Don't buy any ships from the C-Store until you've reached level 50.
On the topic of the C-Store: You don't need to use real cash to get Zen. Just play events or mine dilithium and sell it on the exchange. Every C-Store transaction I've done, I've done through exchanging dil' for Z.
Aha! Great tips! Thanks!!
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