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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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However, giving the deck plans of the secondary hull the same circular symmetry as the deck plans of the saucer section, in defiance of the different axis of symmetry that the secondary hull has, isn't a step towards a plausible set of fully fleshed-out deck plans.
Assuming you are referring to my deck plan project (inspired by Franz Joseph, thanks) I thought I made it abundantly clear that the mission goal is first and foremost to recreate deck plans that are accurate, i.e. as seen onscreen.

As an individual of the 20th Century I don't know why Starfleet engineers of the 23rd Century would design the engineering hull like that and given my 20th Century bias I don't like the look of it but either I reproduce it the way it is or design futuristic concepts of my own if I think I know and can do better...

Where did I ever say I had the ability to read the mind of a dead man?
I merely quoted from his interviews and presented valid and multiple-choice conclusions based on the observed facts. But I'm open to listen to other conclusions.

This thread has vividly revealed that when it comes to the person of Franz Joseph the amount of excuses on his behalf is impressive.

Yet, when we take this one production sketch of Matt Jefferies, the father and creator of the Enterprise and participant of the actual and original production, I had to endure comments that suggested his preproduction sketch (the one saying NCC-1701 = first in the series) to be some kind of fake or fraud.

When derivative work of people that were not involved with the actual production starts to outrank and supercede the actual work and value of the people that brought us Star Trek, there is something very, very wrong with this picture.

"The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth" Jean-Luc Picard
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
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