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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

Bob The Skutter wrote: View Post
The other thing in all this, of course, is that game prices will increase with the release of a new system. If prices went down on the understanding that secondhand games would no longer be available then there might be something worthwhile in this idea. But they won't do that.
I actaully expect them to increase game prices and state the implementation and running costs of THIER new second hand games market has to be subsidized by new games hence the price increase in game prices.

And they are doing it all for us.

Anyway i am glad i am out of all that, the Wii-u is awesome, what about that Zombie U game, if it were any more intense i would be backed into a corner with a gun in my mouth and horders od Zombies just feet away screaming at me. lol

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