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Re: Your Ultimate Ship and Crew

Ship: Ambassador-Class
Captain: Rachel Garrett - The finest female Captain I've seen on screen
First Officer: Shelby - I liked her feisty, gung-ho manner
Helmsman: Ro Laren - The ship's problem child
Security Chief/Tactical: Tuvok - I found him the most competant all-rounder (if these roles were split he'd be at Tactical and Odo as Security)
Chief Operations/Science Officer: Jadzia Dax - She was the best "sexy smart" female character Trek had and was in a proper uniform for the duration--shame VOY and ENT never figured that out
Chief Engineer: Montgomery Scott - It just has to be Scotty, whilst O'Brien would be his sidekick
Medical Chief: Julian Bashir - A super-human doctor would be a very handy thing to have, with Kes as his Nurse
Chef: Quark - I'd just love to see how Tuvok and him would get along togther
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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