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Re: Why did they bother...

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Why did they bother with the original Trek crew in these new movies?

That is the answer.

Although I've accepted what JJ Abrams trek is which is a rip-off or homage depending on your point of view to one of the most iconic tv/movie franchises of all time. That's why you have to have Khan in a story even though the villain could've not been Khan and this story would've been fine.

But in all honesty, I've enjoyed what JJ has done even if I am just a sucker for the fanboy winks like section 31 and Praxis.

I would like to see him try to do something truly original with this cast. Not recycle old trek villains and the "Earth will be exploded!" or "Big bad ship that is bigger and badder than Enterprise" cliches. JJ is definitely a good director and makes very pretty visual movies. Dialogue/story could use improvement.

But I'm really just bitching, because overall I enjoyed both movies.

And hey, I'm interested to see JJ's take on the Borg. I hope they are menacing like Best of Both Worlds and not like ST:Voyager.

It would be interesting to see a total re-boot with similar concepts (warp/transporters) and races (klingons/vulcans) but totally different characters/motivations/world building.
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