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Re: Romulan origin question

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The speed at which messages travel is dependent on more than distance: Sigma Iotia was not within realtime communications back when the Horizon visited them, but was when the Enterprise did. What changed? Somebody probably installed a few communications relays!
No, they progressed from "radio" transmission (Horizon) to "subspace" transmission, it's as simple as that.

18 years prior to events in "The Cage" radio transmission was still in use (TYLER: It would take that long for a radio beam to travel from there to here.)

If there were communications relays it should definitely raise some exebrows how Sub-Commander Tal was able to calculate the exact time the Enterprise's message would get to Starfleet. Looks to me he just understood how subspace transmission worked for both the UFP, the Romulans and its allies.

Timo wrote: View Post
I don't see how this can be interpreted in any other way than explicitly stated by chief engineer Scott.
Who is a fallible character with zero right to draw conclusions on a vessel he can't even properly see!
Sorry Timo, I don't recall seeing you at the briefing scene with the senior officers, so obviously you can't possibly know based on what facts Scotty arrived at his conclusion which leaves no room for an alternative interpretation ("no question").

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No, I'm just saying that there is no episode of TOS that would ever claim that Romulans did not have warp drive. Any reading of such a thing in "Balance of Terror" is a misreading.
SCOTT: No question. Their power is simple impulse.

That line of dialogue is evidendtly presented in the context of propulsion, so I'm unable to understand how this could possibly be misread.

Had there been a line stating something like "Romulus is only three light days away" and it would take the ship only two days to get there, that would be strong evidence for an FTL drive.
But that's not the case, so the question is whether we form theories based on "facts" or whether we twist the "facts" to conform with our preferences and/or pet theories.

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