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Just listened to the new Abyss podcast this morning.

It's still a great book though, and an excellent example of Marco Palmieri's sherpherding of the whole DS9-R. Here he had this series he'd only just begun, and the order comes from on high that not only is there a S31 crossover event coming that he had to tie into, but the Gateways crossover event right after that for him to tie into as well. And yet he managed to helm books that not only did both those things perfectly but also continued his own planned plotlines, developed the characters wonderfully and were damn good individual books in their own right. All respect to the actual authors as well, of course.

While obviously Bashir was the main plotline in this, my favourite part was Taran'atar, without a doubt. I think it was a wise decision to give him so much attention in only the second book of the series (I think of Avatar as one book). While we did meet him in Avatar, we didn't really get any time with him or understand how he's feeling about his whole situation. And he is the new 'alien perspective' character, replacing Odo, and those are always good value for money. This book made him a vital and fascinating part of the ensemble, fleshed him out as a character without making him anything other than a loyal Jem'Hadar. Good work.

I'm sure you know, but just in case anyone else doesn't, the story of how Nog came up with the idea to drag the whole of Empok Nor across space to replace the fusion core can be found in the SCE story "Cold Fusion," written by KRAD.

Now then... Given our past conversations, I think you can probably guess where I'm gonna go next. Your claim that Locken's mindset is the ultimate endpoint of atheism is pretty damn offensive. Come on, seriously? A lack of religion in a person's life inevitably leads to them becoming a child-murdering galactic megalomaniac tyrant wannabe? I don't even know where you could possibly get that idea. Maybe you didn't mean it to come out the way it did, but that's definitely what I got from what you said.

I'll even go to the opposite extreme and say that if you need stories about a supposed higher power to tell you that it's wrong to murder people, as if you couldn't figure that out for yourself, then you've got problems. Surely you know by now that there have been endless massacres and tyrannies done in the history of this world in the name of one god or another. They're going on right now, as we speak. I think it's pretty clear that not having a belief in a god and being a mass-murdering fuckhead are things that have no connection to each other whatsoever.

It's not gonna stop me listening to future podcasts, but that was pretty unpleasant to hear.

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !

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