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Re: Sci-Fi or Action?

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Ah, short memories. So, no recollection of how TWOK was received in certain fan circles when it first came out, I take it.
A lot of trekkies were furious about it - "Meyer and Bennett don't know Star Trek, and they're trying to turn it into Star Wars."

Oh, and fans nitpicked the details - "Regula One is a ST:TMP model turned upside down - you can see upside down trees inside the windows. How lazy!" and "proper Star Trek terminology is shuttlecraft, not 'space shuttles.'"

There was a petition campaign objecting to Spock's death.

By "a lot," of course, I mean no more than one out of ten and of course most of them paid to see the movie - exactly as with the Abrams films.

The complaints by TOS fans about TNG were of a different type, but a minority complained vociferously about it as well. Eventually most of them subside because the enthusiasm of the vast majority carries the day.
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