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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

This is fantastic work by everyone involved. Most of the acting, the editing, the pace, the writing. It was all very solid, and thankfully it avoided most of the traps that many promising fan productions fall into - fan wank. It didn't feel compelled to reference a million Trek things. It chose a story, and it told it. For better or worse.

My top criticism was, I feel, that someone in the main cast should have been proactive in the final act instead of, essentially, everyone just being along for the ride.

As far as performances are considered, Sulu was a bit of a weak link at times. I say over the next couple of episodes have him move away from his Takei impersonation and just act naturally.

McCoy was slightly off putting at first, but I think that may just be a matter of not being used to the actor in the role.

Stand out would definitely have to be Scotty. Scotty lives.
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