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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Eh, I like the design, myself, but there's no reason to take that statement for anything other than the unvarnished personal opinion that it is.
Well I don't think anyone would. He did say "my disbelief" after all.

This discussion amuses me. Did anyone ever argue this passionately about the NSEA protector? I mean that thing totally doesn't match inside and out. Just look at that huge shuttle bay vs the exterior. Totally wouldn't fit in there, and everybody knows Galaxy Quest is totally the best Star Trek movie ever made.

Seriously though, I don't have a big problem with Enterprise being big. My only real concern there is why would such a large vessel be given to such a wet behind the ears officer? 'That's a lot of star ship for a young man.' He should get a frigate or a light cruiser first.

And, on a personal level I've always thought it was cooler when the Enterprise was a smaller, humbler, ship. It adds risk and heightens the peril factor. I preferred The Cage crew compliment to the series run. 200+ crew on board. I don't really know why, just personal preference.

That's really following the line of thinking for "what I would do if I was in charge" though. I think making the ship bigger and faster is a perfectly valid choice. Bigger or smaller, though, the one thing I enjoy in the JJ flicks is the sense of verisimilitude the interior and exterior have working together. Not since TWOK have I really felt like what happened outside the ship was effecting or relating to the inside.
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