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Re: QonoS and its moon

In ST6, our somewhat ill-informed Starfleet heroes and villains spoke out their own theories on what had happened to Praxis (think Chernobyl, but without the open and frank reporting policy of the Soviet Union ). Yet they also speculated that the Praxis explosion would cripple the Klingons, making them

a) pissed off and likely to go banzai any moment now, because
b) they would realize that in a few years they would be powerless to do so, but
c) in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, Starfleet would have an excellent window of opportunity to bring the Klingons to their ugly knees, thereby preventing the banzai charge.

Was this, too, ill-informed guesswork? Or did the analysis have a sound basis? If it did, then a "prematurely" exploded Praxis ought to make the plans of the Marcus cabal sort of redundant: Klingons had already ceased to be a threat due to their homeworld and industries being savaged, and they had not gone banzai yet and thus never would...

Timo Saloniemi
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