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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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^Interesting. I wonder if, since it's television, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could get away with using Spider-Man or Reed Richards or other characters that Marvel can't use on screen?
This question was addressed recently on io9:
Technically, Marvel (and thus Disney) do have the TV rights to Spider-Man, the X-Men and all the other characters in the Marvel universe. So this is true, but I don’t think we’re in any danger of actually seeing Spider-Man or Wolverine on SHIELD, and here’s why.

Sony and Fox still have all the image rights to their versions of Spider-Man and the X-Men, so not only would Marvel have to recast the roles, but they’d also have to make sure they looked somewhat different. I don’t know that that means they’d have to put Spidey in his black suit or something, but I do know they couldn’t use the movie suit.

Now, a few nods should be fine — a mention of the X-Men on the news, the Oscorp building added to New York City’s skyline — but I think that’s all we’ll get. Putting Spider-Man on TV would be super-expensive, just special effects-wise, and one of the reasons they chose to do Agents of SHIELD as opposed to a specific superhero show is to minimize that cost. Also, using Spider-Man or the X-Men, while legal, would almost certainly piss off Sony and Fox, and since Marvel is patiently waiting to get the movie rights to its characters back, I doubt they want to damage those relationships.

And most importantly, what would they really gain? Marvel clearly isn’t ready to make a Spider-Man or X-Men TV series, and by adding them into Agents of SHIELD and bringing them into the Marvel movie-verse as minor characters, they’d only be limiting their later options for their movies. You cast Peter Parker, have something happen to him, have him meet Coulson — then it’s pretty much is canon for the Movie-verse, and it could be something that contradicts what Marvel would later want to do in their own actual Spider-Man movie, if they ever get a chance.

So I’d look for a few Easter Eggs, maybe a few mentions of these characters, but nothing like an actual appearance.

And I like the idea of retconning the Rhino's suit into more of a power-loader or battle-armor sort of thing. Basically the same concept, an engulfing body armor that makes the wearer superstrong and invulnerable (and also traps him within it?), but so much less stupid-looking.
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