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Re: "Missing" scenes and alternate takes [SPOILERS!!]

- the spock/uhura kiss showed in the trailers is a bit different from the one showed in the movie. Might be just a different angle but it seems another take of it. In the trailers it looks more "tense" and perhaps even a little more passionate from Zoe. In the movie it's more playful, she smiles in the kiss and teases him a bit and it's more obvious that he's leaning in and kissing her back.

- I might be wrong but I think they cut a scene (showed in some behind the scenes videos) where Spock is on the bridge looking through Carol's biography and then he suddenly stands up

- this scene also isn't in the movie:

- the scotty/uhura hug showed in the trailers and the clip about Uhura was deleted.
I think they wanted us to get the feeling that the crew is a family - also an echo of the Kirk/Uhura hug when Spock died in the prime verse - but these two have no interactions in the whole movie. Everyone was crying there so it feels a bit forced to have only the female character get a hug especially from someone you didn't see her having this big friendship in the movie.
Besides, that scene is already too "in your face emotional" sometimes less is better. IDK but Amanda's death in the first movie was way more emotional for me precisely because I didn't see people crying and screaming.
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