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Re: Treknology Upside-Down

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It's actually never the case in TOS that the ship would orbit belly down; it only happens once in ST3. The preferred TOS orientation is portside down, offering equal planetary views for the top and bottom sensor domes, with one or two occasions of starboard down and one case of bow down. Similarly, a bridge would be in equal jeopardy atop or below the saucer. (The issue is sometimes confused by the tendency of the main viewer to show the planet at the bottom, but such views are also often combined with exterior views confirming the portside-down orientation.)
That's assuming you take the stock Enterprise-in-orbit FX shots as a literal visual representation of reality. If that's the case, then the Enterprise's saucer must be at least a couple hundred miles across!

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Still, there's something odd about the placement of the three supposed sensor domes. The small one atop the shuttlebay would appear to complement the one atop the saucer, but is unnecessary as the saucertop bubble has no blind spots of note.
What canon (or non-canon, for that matter) source says the small dome over the shuttlebay entrance contains sensors?

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