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Re: Why did they bother...

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Uh, are you serious? I mean, I can think of several shows that lampoon the specific performances (not just the characters) of old cast members. I haven't seen much of any of that yet for the new cast, but maybe that will come in time?
Because they're familiar, not because they're iconic.

You know how many screen actors have reached iconic status? None.

One could maybe make an argument for Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart. But that's if you limit the definition of "iconic" to its idiomatic use. And even still, with all three it's their professional personas that would be iconic, not the actors.

In any case, a person could easily count the number of figures from contemporary pop culture who've reached iconic status on one hand. And, like I said, that's if you leave out the religious component.

People use the word way too liberally around here. I know it's Dennis's pet peeve.
Because I'm old I'm going to bore you with a story.

About 20 years ago (or more) I bought a friend of mine a TOS cast t-shirt because he loved TNG. Loving my gift he took it away on a holiday to climb the Himalayas where he would be camping and staying in huts without running water and electricity.
He came back and he told me that he was amazed how many people recognised the people on the shirt. In places without TV or movie theatres where they didn't speak English, people would come up to him and say 'Kirk', 'Spock'.
So you claim they're not icons but a lot of people around the world recognise them.
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