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Re: Sci-Fi or Action?

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There's no way to toss all older productions into the same very light sci-fi of nuTrek, which set out to be more Michael Bay Meets Star Wars, which just so happened to have Trek-ian visual trappings...
There really is, if one is honest in the analysis.
Hardly. None of the aforementioned films strayed as far into what is now recognized as the over the top, Bay/SW/action zone than nuTrek. Even within the concept, no other Star Trek production has ever recieved this kind of public criticism in nearly 50 years of the concept. ST has recieved blows for other shortcomings, or just bad ideas, but not the action tag.

...and that includes First Contact.
Ah, short memories. So, no recollection of how TWOK was received in certain fan circles when it first came out, I take it.
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