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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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And we’ve already discussed the phaser; nobody here is giving FJ a pass on this one, it was a mistake on FJ’s part and it was a biggie, nuff said.

And while some fans may make a guru out of FJ, none of them are posting on this thread (well, except for that one Ensign with the bad spelling ) yet you want to tar us all with the same brush anyway, despite our demonstrated willingness to hold him accountable wherever he truly deserves it, and our openness to correcting his mistakes, which is hardly the behavior typical of “groupies”.

As far as the first paragraph that I edited out is concerned, I haven't been a party to debates about the transporter console, so I can't comment on that part.

However, giving the deck plans of the secondary hull the same circular symmetry as the deck plans of the saucer section, in defiance of the different axis of symmetry that the secondary hull has, isn't a step towards a plausible set of fully fleshed-out deck plans.

But that's not an argument in favor of the FJ Connie plans, which while a completely obvious thing to say, in context is probably worth mentioning anyway.
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