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Yes, I always look up to people from Berlusconia.

PS This is mostly my gall bladder talking. Even so, if being Italian is the start of awesome, so must Berlusconi.
Well, in his own twisted way, Berlusconi is strikingly lurid, you cannot deny that. No half-measures around here.

Sorry about the gall bladder. But at least it makes your posts interesting, instead of the usual unreadable blather.

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The rest is still damning enough.

But I guess it's fine: I wouldn't want people here to think all Italians are brilliant as me.
That should be

as brilliant as I am.

thank you.
You know, I thought about wording it that way, but then it seemed like over-killing considering the OP.

Also, I couldn't help but notice you have been particularly acerbic recently. Something wrong?
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