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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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If time travel in the Prime reality has been changed...
It hasn't. It's a parallel universe, remember? When you factor in time travel events, Nero's arrival didn't just change the future, it also changed the past. In addition to lacking a common destiny after that point, they also lack a common history BEFORE that point.

shouldn't Nero's and Spock's travel into the past from Prime 2387 (the post-Nemesis Picard era) have also, you know....not happened?
You're forgetting the Yar Effect: time travelers can trigger events that change history without themselves being affected by those changes.

The archetypical example is Tasha Yar: in the Prime universe, Tasha gets slapped to death by a malevolent grease stain on some random planet nobody's ever heard of before. In the War Timeline, she survives for several years as Enterprise's tactical officer. Tasha Two travels back in time with the Enterprise-C thereby preventing a war with the Klingon Empire, in effect negating the universe that created her in the first place. Tasha Prime never actually makes that trip (grease stain, remember?) so Tasha Two should have ceased to exist the moment Enterprise-C went back through the void. Not only does she NOT cease to exist, she gets prison-raped by Romulans and has a half-Romulan daughter, whose exact background is accordingly difficult to explain.

The same thing happens to the Defiant in "Past Prologue" and to both the Enterprise-E and the Borg in "First Contact" (or did you wonder how the Borg managed to go back in time to stop the Phoenix's warp flight, thus preventing Starfleet from ever existing and subsequently preventing Picard from ever making the Borg aware of their existence in the first place?)

It's Trek time travel. It rarely makes sense and is full of contradictions and paradoxes, but as far as this lifelong fan is concerned Kirk and crew were on Earth in 1930, 1968, 1969 and 1986. Quark and the gang crashed near Roswell in 1947. Picard and his people visited 1893. Sisko, Bashir and Dax materialized in 2024. The 1701-E crew helped Cochrane make his first warp flight and defeated the Borg in 2063.

Etc., etc., etc.
Sure they were, just not in the alternate universe where STID takes place.
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