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Re: NuEnterprise Torpedo Tubes (spoilers, sort of)

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They definitely weren't pre-loaded. The tubes had to be loaded one at a time by a crane when the ship was in firing position. Seems the torpedoes themselves were actually stored in the cargo/shuttle bays close to the launch tubes, which were themselves in fairly awkward positions hardly appropriate for weapons stations.
If that was the case, why couldn't they just re-use a smaller number of tubes to fire the torpedoes that had to be manually loaded in the first place? If they were going for an anime-style, fire-everything-at-once-attack shouldn't those tubes already come pre-loaded?
Upon additional viewing -- paying special attention to that scene -- we hear that area of the ship being repeatedly referred to as the "weapons bay," which IMO implies that those tubes (which I still believe are a relatively recent addition to the ship) were designed to carry various missiles/mines/drones and other weapons other than a standard photon torpedo (actually, I'm not sure that the Khanpedos were ever referred to as photon torpedoes in this movie).

Visually, I only counted between 9 and 12 launch tubes on either side, bunched together in groups of three, and I cannot be sure if there were three or four such groups. Reloading seems to take only five to ten seconds with the crane, however, and considering that the intended target of those torpedoes is a single fugitive hiding in an abandoned Klingon city, loading the torpedoes to be fired in salvos doesn't present that much of a problem, especially if those torpedoes are really as long range and undetectable as Marcus claims they are.
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