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Re: Why did they bother...

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Remember: Post, not poster.)
What you say here, of course, is perfectly reasonable. Ad Hominem attacks are, generally, bad form in argument. You have successfully identified and warned about the use of an informal fallacy.

No, we don't have to call this "ad hominem," but this is the appropriate label. Sure would be odd for someone to outlaw using this term. It would almost seem like an attack on reason itself to outlaw reference to words which point out common errors in reasoning, wouldn't it?

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I'd particularly like it if you were to refrain altogether from posting the words "tu quoque" for the foreseeable future.* That can go for any reference (direct or indirect) to "illicit attacks," as well.

* the next 3-4 years, say.
I have no idea what "I'd particularly like..." means in this context. If this is just your personal preference, then I couldn't care less. On the other hand, are you indicating that you're going to do something about it if I do?

If you're really (i.e., coercively) prohibiting me, and me alone(?), from using appropriate terms to identify common mistakes in reasoning, then please say so directly.
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