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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I began warming up to the nuEnterprise thanks to ID. She is earning my respect. When she popped up from her death-dive I felt my heart swell for her in a way it never has for this design before. Damn you JJ!
For me, it was the pursuit scene in the first movie where Sulu brings the Enterprise out of warp just within the atmosphere of Titan. The crew working together, the swelling music and the awe-inspiring sight of the Enterprise rising up out of cover, simply gorgeous. Even something as simple as the anti collision lights blinking just so said to me: "This is the best that the old girl has ever looked."

Then, there was the callback to the Titan scene on Nibiru. She rose out of the ocean and the engines thrummed with whatever voodoo it is that makes the Enterprise move. It was as if the visuals, sound design and the score all stood atop the highest mountain and shouted in unison:

"Fuck yeah, Star Trek!"

I get such a charge seeing this crew and the Enterprise in their prime.
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