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Re: Why did they bother...

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As far as I understand the friendship criticism, it was not that they're simply friends. It was because in the first movie they were pretty much rivals, and in this movie it's progressed to a point where Spock is screaming "Khaaaaaaan" after Kirk's death (which does seem somewhat abrupt and even out of character).
For Spock?

Amok Time wrote:
SPOCK: Doctor, I shall be resigning my commission immediately, of course.
MCCOY: Spock, I
SPOCK: So I would appreciate your making the final arrangements.
MCCOY: Spock, I
SPOCK: Doctor, please, let me finish. There can be no excuse for the crime of which I'm guilty. I intend to offer no defence. Furthermore, I shall order Mister Scott to take immediate command of this vessel.
KIRK: Don't you think you better check with me first?
SPOCK: Captain! Jim!
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