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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

@ Bob,

What amazes me is that you are capable of such spectacular feats of mental gymnastics such that you can “rationalize” curved and circular corridors in the secondary hull of the Enterprise, yet when it comes to a no-brainer like the transporter console obviously not being bolted to the deck, which explains (in universe) why we saw it in various slightly different places and angles relative to the platform throughout the course of Kirk’s five year mission, you seem incapable of rubbing two brain cells together to make a spark!

And we’ve already discussed the phaser; nobody here is giving FJ a pass on this one, it was a mistake on FJ’s part and it was a biggie, nuff said.

And while some fans may make a guru out of FJ, none of them are posting on this thread (well, except for that one Ensign with the bad spelling ) yet you want to tar us all with the same brush anyway, despite our demonstrated willingness to hold him accountable wherever he truly deserves it, and our openness to correcting his mistakes, which is hardly the behavior typical of “groupies”.

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