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Re: "Guilty Little Pleasure Episodes"

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. . .One "guilty pleasure episode would probably be "If Wishes Were Horses", I know it's not very good but I enjoy it anyway.
And kudos to Colm Meaney for refusing to do the script when Rumpelstiltskin was originally a leprechaun. I can imagine his reaction if he saw Voyager's Fair Haven episodes.
Oh God... those Fair Haven episodes.

Thanks for the factoid. I didn't know they originally planned to do a leprechaun.

I like to re-watch "The Ascent" because of the funny banter between Quark and Odo. I think it's usually regarded as a decent episode, but yeah it's the one I enjoy re-watching when I feel like laughing.

Also any episode with really funny exchanges between Odo, Quark, and Garak.

Oh and "Our Man Bashir". I re-watch that just for the Garak lines.

"The Magnificient Ferengi" and "Little Green Men" too, for the light-hearted Ferengi-ness.
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