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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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"I don't like hiphop!" Is not objective evidence.
First off, my remarks were to the OP, not you.
And second, I was answering HIS question which was asking for an opinion on popular culture. I answered it. Sorry that I missed your "demands" for evidence backing up our opinions to the OP.

Again, if you have failed to recognize that hip-hop and rap are huge genres with a huge amount of artists of varying styles, content, and quality, then that speaks volumes about you, not about the music.
It speaks a lot about me. I don't like hip hop. There are many who don't like today's country music or today's version of Rock. Everyone has their own opinion on what is good. Just because you disagree with that opinion doesn't make theirs any less. There is no way that someone can "prove" that they don't like hip hop. It's an opinion. Not fact.

I wasn't around in the sixties but I know that music which wasn't done by the artists themselves was considered inferior in that time. It's why The Monkees were so hated by the music critics.

And the above argument about Hollywood shows only that you guys are completely clueless about the history of film. There have always been dozens of crap films for every good one, and Hollywood thrived on remakes from the start! Hell, The Wizard of Oz was a remake -- and I am talking about the 1939 version. It had been made something like 10 times before the famous 39 turn at the story. The Maltese Falcon, 1940-ish? Remake. Scarface? Remake.
If you knew as much about film as you claim then you would know that movies were not released anywhere near the rate they are today. There were no multiplexes playing 10-20 movies a day.Most of the movies were adapted from famous novels or popular stage plays.Of course you had the occasional remake, but nowhere near the rate of remakes that you have today. With some eg: Spiderman,The Ring, they're doing them within ten years of the original. That's ridiculous.

Also, the Wizard of Oz in 1939 was the first version that was not a silent picture and was in full color. The earlier adaptions were done during the era of advancement in film technology.Every "Oz" movie since 1939 have been attempted sequals or prequals, not remakes.
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