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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

I know that Andy Probert gets credit for the redesign. His hands were the last of a long list of designers to create the version we saw on screen. I just don't want to neglect that Matt Jeffries' Phase II modifications were the start of the ship we saw in-screen. Richard Taylor really refined the design we saw on-screen and gave it a lot of the art-deco flourishes, especially to the new nacelle designs. Andy Probert refined a lot of elements under Taylor's art direction. When Robert Abel's FX clmalnu was let go (and Richard Taylor with it), Trumbull retained Probert and added a few things of his own, such as the redesigned upper decks (they were taller on Taylor's version), and of course the additional lighting fixtures so that the ship could appear self-illuminated. Andy Probert is an exceptionally talented individual but he was not alone in creating the beautiful Enterprise we saw on TMP.
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