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Kind of also makes me imagine it's a ship which exists in multiple dimensions somehow.

Makes me imagine a vessel of enormous size, who has portions operating safely outside of normal space and time, phasing in portions of itself with different functions as needed.
That's a cool visual mate! I like those ideas.

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Thanks mate
I'm pretty sure that if that ship was to be made, transporters would be a much more common means to get to places.
UNLESS the crew were always drunk on Romulan Ale.
But it would be bad news if the transporters go offline (remembers when that exact thing happened right after Picard beamed aboard the Scimitar).

I don't even know how a crew drunk on anything could navigate the corridors. And they wouldn't be the ship's crew for very long if Star Fleet Command were to get wind of them being On Duty Under Intoxication.
its all a matter of technology and redundancy... the more technology gets refined, the less the chances of failure. The proof of that is every piece of technology that was invented throughout history to now. Same goes for designs. As we become more familiar with technologies and materials, what can be done with those technologies and materials can become much more elaborate and complex, or just more effiecient, and simplified, or any combinations of these terms (and many more i am leaving out).
So possible, yes, but probable, much, much less so.
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