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Re: death penalty in star trek

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From "Turnabout Intruder"

KIRK: Enough to convict you of conspiracy with mutineers. And you're so charged. The sentence, death. Mister Lemli.
CHEKOV: Starfleet expressly forbids the death penalty.
KIRK: All my senior officers turning against me?
SULU: The death penalty is forbidden. There's only one exception.
CHEKOV: General Order Four. It has not been violated by any officer on the Enterprise.
KIRK: I am responsible. The execution will be immediate. Go to your posts. Go to your posts.

This is an interesting riddle:

Has General Order 7 been abolished? Since Spock did violate General Order 7 in "The Menagerie" it appears Chekov did not confuse the two.
Fans can try to explain the error any way they want, but it arose after a de Forest research memo called the order number four instead of number seven -- probably the result of confusing Talos IV with General Order 7.

Starfleet expressly forbids the death penalty...There are no exceptions. The death penalty is forbidden – This is NOT true. Violation of General Order Four, forbidding contact with Talos IV, carries the death penalty. It was suspended on one occasion dramatized in “Menagerie.” It is still in effect. Suggest regularize. (Menagerie is one of the best known, most honored episodes of STAR TREK, winner of science fiction awards, etc. Its precedents can hardly be ignored.)
"This begs explanation." - de Forest Research on Star Trek

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