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Re: Why did they bother...

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Finally, are we really going to apologize for nuTrek by attacking the earliest episodes of the original series?

Keep lowering the bar kids.
Let's not go there, shall we? It's borderline trolling.

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1). Attack and defense is part of reasoned discussion. It is not "bad" to attack something. It is only bad to attack something illicitly. The never-ending Tu Quoque (You're Trek was bad too!) is an illicit attack.


Since facts are rationally binding, this implies that his claims are also binding on anyone in a reasoned discussion. That is, he is not saying, "This is my opinion, take it or leave it," but rather challenging my point of view. And good for him for doing so. Again, my only complaint is that his reasoning is wrong, not that he is attacking or that he is attempting to use reasons. It's not just that he's factually wrong in terms of interpretation (we can argue about that), but that his reasoning pattern is illicit. Attacking my reasons - good. Attacking Old Trek to "equalize" or deflect attention from the the New? That's bad.
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Indeed, I have attacked the film for having faults. But this is all part of reasoned discussion. Again, I can attack the faults of a film that I "like." What I object to are illicit attacks.

To have a robust discussion of the film we have to be able to freely interpret, evaluate, and describe. All of these will involve making arguments. The clash of arguments always involves attack and defense.
So attack and defend, but confine the attack and defense to arguments, not other posters. (Yes, I'm aware that you're not the only one doing it; everyone needs to back off a step, in that regard.

Remember: Post, not poster.)

And YARN, if you want to teach a class, go purchase a permit, rent a venue appropriate to the purpose, and sell tickets. In here, you can discuss or not discuss—I leave that up to you—but it's not your job to lecture nor to condescend. Please cease doing so from here on. I'd particularly like it if you were to refrain altogether from posting the words "tu quoque" for the foreseeable future.* That can go for any reference (direct or indirect) to "illicit attacks," as well.

* the next 3-4 years, say.
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