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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

What amazes me in this thread is that you keep reading the same interviews the rest of us have read and keep finding things that aren't there.

Apparently, he didn't care to check or notice.
And that you seem to have the ability to read the mind of a dead man. Because hey, there just is no way he looked at the thing, thought it was right, passed it by the fans who obviously said it was right, checked it against what he saw was on TV and confirmed to his satisfaction it was right, then considered the possibility that some guy forty years hence would claim he didn't care enough to get it perfect but decided such a clairvoyant was beyond the ability of mere mortals to debate, and thus went back to hand drawing and hand lettering the other hundred plus pages in the manual he was doing speculatively, without a contract, for a bunch of kids.
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