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Re: Sci-Fi or Action?

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What is so bad about the action tag? I loved watching Kirk fight the Gorn in Arena, getting his ass handed to him by Spock in The Naked Time and This Side of Paradise, getting his ass handed to him by Finnegan in Shore Leave, getting his ass handed to him by Ron Tracy in The Omega Glory...
Every one of the scenes were just that--scenes. The overall tone of the episode was not Bay-like, noisy, over the top action, which was not the point--the story--the drama was.

Arena:the fight is not the actual setpiece, but Kirk's behavior before and after the fight is the episode.

The Omega Glory:Kirk fought Tracey, but that was by no means the tone or drive of that script. The eerie teaser, Tracey's brutal behavior and the civil war was the story.

The action/space ships/cool monsters was what actually lured me to Star Trek all those years ago.
That was a minor part of TOS. A series which was pretty much about all of those elements all of the time was Lost in Space, as it was THE 1960s template for the kind of loud, thrill / spectacle over substance of today's nuTrek--not exactly thought provoking sci-fi that TOS was more often than not.
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