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Didn't realize recognizing something about the show was considered an "attack".
You're excusing the new on the basis of the old, attempting to exculpate the former by deprecating the latter. Yes, it's an attack. It's not an OMG! Heretic! sort of thing, but it fits a well-worn pattern of nuTrek apologists; NuTrek is OK, because it is no worse than OldTrek. To pull this off, you have to smear old Trek with criticisms aimed at NuTrek. You're not pulling anything up, but pulling the opposition down.
Its called a comparison. I have no problem with Kirk/Spock being friends in "Where No Man...", I have no problem with them being friends in Star Trek Into Darkness.
What's more there is growth, obviously the end of STID is leading them to a much deeper friendship that they acknowledge somewhat more openly. I honestly can't wait till the next movie.

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