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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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Of course, for those who want a whole new tech manual starting from scratch, none of the above matters?
Yeah, that would be one helluva project.
You're thinkin' about doing just that.

I can tell.
Actually over the years I have thought about it. Thing is, though, it would probably never get published. The market for these books is quite small now and the fact that it doesn't really gel with what is considered "official" would probably get in the way too.

That said it would be possible to do a web based technical manual. That is something I'm seriously considering. My TOS and TAS shuttlecraft drawings could essentially be the first candidates for such a thing. One small difference could be that instead of having one sheet with three views like in FJ's manual you could have a sheet for each view which allows you greater detail. And being web based you could also use 3D models along with line drawings to really bring things to life.

You basically set up a contents page just like a book and then you can click on each item for a detailed look at the the subject.

Table of Contents:
- Lists all the materiel within the manual (and obviously you can start small and add as you go). on a subject and...

Introductory Page:
- Starts with an illustration of the subject as well as a descriptive and perhaps also some historical content. From this page you can click further to more detailed views and specifications and whatever.

FJ went beyond what we saw onscreen and showed us conjectural things like new classes of ships. You could follow that reasoning as long as what you show is consistent with what was established onscreen. Some of FJ's ideas would have to be fleshed out more or even corrected. You could certainly now show classes of alien ships, equipment and uniforms as well as pre TOS materiel.

I would suggest a different name for this kind of reference manual. In the back of my mind I've had two names I've rather liked: the Starfleet Command Library or the Starfleet Starflight Catalog.

I know for myself while I certainly have a lot of ideas for this I've seen a number of other designs around that I think fit right in with my overall thinking. Some of Masao's designs as well as Vektor's very cool Vanguard design.

With this kind of site you could go beyond the TOS era and into the TMP era. I wouldn't be inclined to go beyond that because it's not where my interests lay and then it gets to be a monster project (as if it ain't big enough already).
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