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It is my considered opinion that casting actors according to their ethnicity is the worst part of Affirmative Action. Not casting the best actor for a role because he is not the right race is the definition of racism.

Disagree if you like, but it won't change my opinion.
Um okay, but if the character you're casting is supposed to be black or Asian or whatever, then wouldn't someone who is black or Asian or whatever be the best actor for a role?

Look, in some cases, yes, race is trivial to a character and anyone of any ethnicity can be cast. Others, race is essential. If you were doing a Martin Luther King biopic, you wouldn't cast a white guy as Martin Luther King, would you?
I assume casting the best actor for the role is why so few of the characters in Star Trek are played by women. Women are widely known to be terrible, terrible actors. Luckily there are plenty of superior men to play the parts instead.

Don't be deluded. Talented though Cumberbatch is, he was cast because they wanted him. There are plenty of other actors, including many Indians, who could have played the part just as well. The Eddie Murphy movie Boomerang made the point very effectively.

Ethnicity can be mutable but sometimes that can ring hollow when every character ends up being played by a caucasian actor. Angel Coulby played a fantastic Gwenivere in Merlin, there have been two black Felix Leiters, and Naomi Harris was a breath of fresh air in the last Bond movie.
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