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I think the death penalty is wrong.

Buuut.. if there is ever a planet where we could stick rapists and killers...

I don't know. I just wish that people who wish to do others harm could be beamed to another place where they could do harm to eachother. Peace for the peacefull.
I don't wish them harm. I just want the rest of us to be safe from them. A long prison sentence -- life, if need be -- serves that purpose. Not 100% of the time, but usually.
I don't care enough about random criminals to wish them harm either. But I wish they couldn't harm anyone else.
But if some [insert bad word] did something to my loved ones or myself, I am certain I would wish them harm. I even wish harm upon people who don't pick up their dogs poop. I wish the poop would magically move to the top of their head unless they picked it up.

But I don't think it's a good thing to want revenge. I just can't help wishing people were disciplined for the bad things they do.
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