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Playmates Enterprise-D Repaint

Hello! I hope this is in the right place, I'm totally new here.

On Saturday, I picked up a Playmates Enterprise-D. When I got the box open I was somewhat dispirited - I wanted it to hang from the ceiling in my room and I thought that while a fair amount of the detail was there, it was really lacking. So tonight, I ordered a new set of decals (I don't think the original ones have ever been applied as there is no sticky residue and no sign of them) and picked up my paintbrush.

I'm hoping to post progress pictures as I go and also hope that I can get some guidance and pointers from some more experienced fans and model makers along the way

I'm sure most people have seen this bad boy as it comes out of the box

Stage 1: Painting the top of the saucer - Still WIP

Does any one have any suggestions for me at this early stage?
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