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Re: If it's should that be another stargate series

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An SG-1 style show would be the best bet, since that's what proved to be successful.
Atlantis was successful.
SG-1 is the more popular one.
Not ratings-wise, but it ran for 10 years and got the best overall effort out of its writing team. I can't argue with that.

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Atlantis was successful.
In terms of ratings? Yes, probably. In terms of creativity? No way.
That's because they started recycling SG-1 plots, villains included.

The reason why the first season had the best ratings of any season of Stargate is because they put their creativity into creating something different and new, but still somewhat familiar. Too bad that didn't last. It still had a successful run, though.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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