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Re: Do you think they could use the Borg in the next movie?

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Why not make original stories for once?
There's no such thing as an original story.
Once again, lowering the bar to protect the new series from any possible negative evaluation.

There's no such thing as art. It's all about making money.

There's nothing original. Everyone is a hack.

The old stuff was terrible! It's no worse than the original!

Audiences are stupid and they demand stupid movies.

Fans have no property rights. The new owners can do anything they please. You have NO right to complain about anything! Just shut up and hand them your money.

NOTE: And originality is not interesting as an ontological property, but rather as an epistemic property. What is relevantly original is relative to the horizon of expectations of the audience. You don't have to produce something ontologically NEW to do something clever, worthwhile, imaginative, and insightful.
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