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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Altair VI.
B is for Beta Stromgren.
C is for Ceti Alpha V.
D is for Dreadnought-Class, "twice the size".
E is for Excelsior-class Federation starship.
F is for Federation Fat Farm.
G is for Grazerites. One served as Federation President during the 2370s.
H is for Halkans. An insidious race of pacifists.
I is for Intrepid. There's at least one Starfleet vessel named this every century.
J is for Jellied Ceti Eels.
K is for Klingon cranial ridges. Most have 'em, but once in a while they don't.
L is for Lokai. From the planet Sharon; in the Southern part of the Galaxy. He's black on one side and white on the other side. Or is that the other way around?
M is for Mugatu burgers.
N is for Nomad. Nomad was perfect, or at least it thought it was.
O is for Orion slave girls.
P is for Pirates of Orion.
Q is for Qo'noS - see also: K is for Kronos
R is for Republic. The Federation system of government was sort of a futuristic, interplanetary one.
S is for smooth headed Klingon woman from TOS. I can't believe that was the same person that was on "Dallas".
T is for Tiberius - what were they thinking?
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